Dew Docks are your premier floating dock system that can be used for lakefront homes or developments, cabins, marinas, areas with DRN floating dock restrictions, ponds and more. We offer customizable dock configurations to insure you get the right size and shaped dock you need. Pre-production, customized 2D computer drawings of your dock layouts are provided. Whether you are in need of a one of a kind boat slip, standard or specially designed dock size, or even a swim platform, Dew Docks are your answer. They are easy to assemble and come complete with all necessary parts to assemble. One feature our docks have over the “competition” is that they are finished with a wooden deck – so you can sit, fish, BBQ, suntan or pull your boat up to the dock with ease.

I have owned an 8x8 DewDock system for over five years now and I have it in my 3 acre pond. I never remove it during the winter and have yet to have any freeze damage. This past winter was the coldest in a long time. The colors are as vibrant today as when I bought it, but of course algae in some areas cause discoloration. The floats have not taken on any noticeable water. I recommend this product whenever I am asked questions about my system. I am a satisfied customer.

Mike Kelly